Ingram Images: Blog en-us (C) Ingram Images (Ingram Images) Sun, 06 May 2018 17:21:00 GMT Sun, 06 May 2018 17:21:00 GMT Ingram Images: Blog 120 89 Beth and Todd One of the best things about creating wedding photographs is that I'm privileged to spend time and capture moments with the bride and groom - when there is no one else present. Beth and Todd elected to have a 'first look' in a small alleyway-turned-park right off the downtown square. I just instructed Todd to not turn around until he felt Beth's hand take his. The change in his expression in these first two images when he feels her touch is - mesmerizing. And Beth seemed to enjoy it as well.

Even in the midst of family and friends, those moments that the couple shares with me is so special:

When daughter helps mom with dad's ring: (This is probably my shot of the day...)

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Best of 2017 - Boudoir and Woman as Art 2017 was an amazing and beautiful year at Ingram Images. Each January when I look back at my work over the previous 12 months - I just get overwhelmed at the beauty and power and bravery that stepped in front of my lens, and this is no exception.

What follows are what I consider to be the best of the images I produced in 2017 in the areas of boudoir and artistic nude, and they are in no way a reflection of the value of the clients, as every single one was amazing and beautiful. I thank you all for visiting this year, and especially those of you who graciously allowed your imagery to be published here.

Please email for information on how you can be in front of my camera at Ingram Images. 

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Sydney and DJ It was a beautiful day for a wedding. The weather was two thumbs up, the lighting was amazing and naturally, everyone was stunning. Someone may have attempted to steal the show.

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I Owed it to My Younger Self Back when I was a boy about the age we call ‘tween’ today I looked to the sky and found it extremely interesting.

While some might have been learning the correct technique to throw a little league curve ball, I was studying the moons of Jupiter in my evenings. I could then point out a variety of constellations when it was good and dark. I knew why Betelgeuse was red and Sirius was blue on a clear night. And I had stood in the cold and wondered why they only called them the “Seven Sisters” when there are in fact hundreds of stars in that cluster.

But I would only see in the books I owned - a total solar eclipse.

Because that simple function of planetary geometry is - simultaneously - the easiest and hardest astronomical oddity to see.

You just have to be in the right place at the right time and look up. Which is easy because you need no telescope. No binoculars. No map of the heavens. No right ascension or declination. It’s just there. But - you have to be in the right place at the right time. Period.

As a boy I vowed I would one day take in the experience in person.

So that is why I excused myself from the radio program, which I am very devoted to. Why I for months blocked out the date to be sure there would be no photo sessions. Why I spent hours looking for the best spot that was easiest to get to - with a couple of alternates in hopes of avoiding cloud cover. Why I dug out the old telescope that I suspected might be broken (it wasn’t). Why I purchased and assembled solar filters for both telescope and camera - and purchased those eclipse glasses months ago.

Here's what I brought home:

And my favorite:

Thanks to the folks in Cave-In-Rock Illinois for their hospitality, and the Potter's Church for allowing me to set up on their parking lot.

I want to go do it again tomorrow.

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It Was a Perfect Day Babbs first came to my studio back in March and we photographed some of her work and discussed her wedding and couldn't wait for the day to come.

For a different reason than she did, I'm sure. As a photographer I'm always looking to be able to create 'magical' images. That's a lot easier to do in 'magical' places, and Babbs and her family absolutely created one at the lake home Saturday. From the food to the flowers to the friends to the garden to 'the point' to the window light. It was all magical. Thanks for allowing me to spend the day with you!


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Made with Loving Hands This was a very interesting session.

Babbs makes thread and yarn from wool via the spinning wheel, then dyes it herself frequently from plants she grows herself. Then it becomes works of art like is shown in these images. What some might consider a lost art lives on in the love from her hands as she works, and it shows in what she does as well.

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Best of - Valentine's Day I was fortunate enough to have a good number of beautiful women visit my studio for Valentine's Day images. Some of those women were making a gift for a significant other. Some of those women just came to make a gift for themselves - to be reminded that they are indeed beautiful. Here's some of what I thought were the best from those sessions. Thanks to all my clients for a busy season - and thanks to these clients for allowing me to show them off.

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Best of 2016 - Boudoir Edition I have selected the following images as my 'best of' for boudoir photography in 2016 - with the understanding that no image posted here is done so without permission from the client who appears in it. There may in fact very well be about another 20 or so that could appear, but the client has requested that the remain privately-commissioned art, and of course I respect those wishes.

One of the most interesting things about creating images like this is when the point in the session is reached where the client basically 'lets her hair down' and begins to create on her own. It's almost a transformation; a self-realization if you will.

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Katie and Dance Katie is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and a wide variety of other things performing. And she's also beautiful and photogenic. And 15.

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Kylor I've been fortunate enough to photograph Kylor about once a year or so since she was 18 months old.

And now she's 9....

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Jenna and Josh There are time when a photographer gets a few minutes to put together something artistic:

And then there are those times when a wedding photographer has to hang on and see where it goes:

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Still has it. I first photographed this client in a boudoir session just over three years ago. She returned a few days ago to 'see if she still had it.'

Yes. She does.


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Amelia and Naem Saturday was a day filled with power failures, laughter, tears, makeup, classic rock, pasties, tears, Blue Moon, singing, dancing, tears, and much, much love.

Congratulations to to both Amelia and Naem, and many blessings on your future together. 

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Stacy and Rob Stacy and Rob had a most unusual wedding. First - it was on a Friday afternoon. Second - they were the only ones in the chapel, besides my wife and I, and the officiant. Third - they left me an entire hour to do some really good images (I highly recommend this).

It was an honor to be there - and now that everyone else knows we can show off the photos!


Special thanks to the folks at the Caborn Chapel Wedding and Event Venue for going out of their way to let me do what I do!

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You Truly Caught My Inner Beauty The six most favorite words I like to hear from my clients - without a doubt.

Warms my heart to know that I can show a client on the outside - what they FEEL on the inside.

Jenn celebrated motherhood of twins and a wedding anniversary with her album, and was gracious enough to let me show you how beautiful she is! A big thanks for that. It's one thing to show your husband this images, it's entirely something else to show them to the world.

She said before the session that she wondered if her Inner Goddess would come out. It was a smiling, laughing, fun-loving, beautiful sight to see.

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An Open Letter to my State Government An open letter to the Government of the State of Indiana from a wedding vendor.


Much has been made in recent days of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and how it protects the the religious freedoms of those who serve couples on their special day.


My statement is very simple: I don’t need your protection in this area.


As a struggling small business in a small town in the Hoosier State I welcome everyone who selects me as their photographer, whether that be for a wedding, portrait session, or otherwise. My business has grown from a hobby pretending to be a business - to the real deal. I collect and pay sales taxes, have been a member of the chamber of commerce, pay property taxes on all the camera gear that I use, make sure my business interests are insured, and somehow still manage to pay the rent for my studio every month.


If I chose to be as selective in who my clients were as you think I am, I would likely have very few clients to serve. From a raw business standpoint - the more marriages there are, the larger my client base can be.


What I have chosen is for the Ten Commandments to serve as a guide as how I should live my life, not as a book of rules which I should be using to judge others.


One of the most thoughtful commentaries on recent days has been provided by Reverend Brent Wright, Paster of the Broad Ripple UMC. He says, “The Pharisees were disgusted at Jesus’ lack of religious purity, at his libertine social boundaries, and at his disdain for the rules of his own religion. They were disturbed by his willingness to associate with the filthy and the despicable. They insisted on their right to refuse service to the unclean, to marginalize those contaminated by what they self-righteously labeled ‘sin.’ They loved interpreting scripture in ways that led Jesus to call them hypocrites for worrying about specks in ‘sinners’ eyes while ignoring logs in their own.

The Pharisees’ perversion, which mutated what was surely a sincere pursuit of faithfulness into its exact opposite, should cause you to reconsider your support of RFRA and of your sense of ‘purity’ that calls on you to discriminate against LGBT people in general." Full text HERE.


Underneath his blog a commenter wrote to the affect - Yes, Jesus forgave the sins of the prostitute and told her to “go and sin no more.” And further the poster seemingly believes that if you choose to associate with a sinner without telling them to sin no more - you are in fact encouraging sin.


I say to you it is quite different. Jesus associated with the sinner, loved her and forgave her sin. The only thing that us as humans are qualified to do, is to associate with, and to love. We need to let God take care of the rest.


Your religious freedom act encourages neither - association and inclusion, or love of fellow human.


My suggestion? If you want to protect me - protect my clients.

Do a better job of making sure brides aren’t crying on their wedding day because their cake is delivered crooked. Make sure florists are delivering what they promise. Oh and make sure no one has to take their photographer to small claims court to get their pictures. (I have seen all of this happen).

Happy clients are paying clients, no matter their persuasion. Paying clients mean I get to collect sales tax for you, and to buy a new camera so that my county can collect tax on that.


And you can then go back to the government’s job of spending our tax dollars wisely.

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Emily Emily just turned one and came to the studio this week - in a snow storm for her session.

So much fun! I did find out that 'whipped' icing is much easier to deal with - and it makes for a much cuter mess too!

There's always one 'moving target' shot that just turns out magical, and this is it:

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Shana I've been fortunate enough to photograph Shana a couple of times now, and here's some of my favorite images from the 2nd session:

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Congratulations to Shay and Mona! A weekend trip to the Carbondale area to photograph the big day for Shay and Mona!

Two brides means two sets of bridesmaids. And all this:


And then there was not a dry eye to be had: (Thanks Natasha)

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A Wedding in New Harmony To say that the events leading up to the big day for Jovanni and Ben had made their life difficult would be an understatement. But the day came anyway, and like lovers who were destined to be together - they persevered. There is also a saying about the rain washing away a bride's troubles, and in fact there was a bit of a sprinkle as Jovanni kissed her new husband.

Thanks for having me along for the day, and also a big thank-you to Erin at for coming along. Over and over she said, "I'm not a wedding photographer," but the images show that she actually just hasn't realized it yet. Beautiful work.

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