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Photographing a photographer is a different experience.

I took my time with Adrienne partially as a critique, and although I didn't tell her, I wanted to hear what she had to say about my mannerisms while I'm working with a client. How did I communicate? My body language? For the most part I let her pick the poses - sometimes I like to do that because I want to see what people will come up with - when they're challenged to be creative. And it is - their photo shoot after all.

Later she told me, "You have an almost unnerving way of studying people." 'Most people for some reason avoid a lot of eye contact.'

I did forget to warn her that I do that. Stare into the eyes of a subject. It helps me see what the light is doing, for one. If you look at the eyes closely in photos you can see what lights were where - windows, or studio lighting, maybe a reflector as well.

But sometimes - when you look into a subject's eyes - they look back.



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