I keep saying the same things over and over

March 17, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

But this time, it's a little different.

I saw a friend post on Facebook this evening that she was EXTREMELY angry.

This friend had recently gotten married at the end of 2012 - and unfortunately, chose a different photographer to capture that day.

Now that photographer has moved away, turned off her phone, and blocked the bride from her Facebook and several other social networking sites. This of course leaves the bride with no way to get a hold of the photographer - now that the photographer has moved to Tennessee. She's gotten no images from this photographer. And is totally out whatever's been paid to the photographer.

You shouldn't have to check with the Better Business Bureau before hiring someone to shoot your wedding, but it may get to that - if clients don't educate themselves.

If a person has started a business making photographs - they should care enough about that business and their clients to have a REAL website. Not just a Facebook page. They'll register the name of this website with GoDaddy or whoever and it shouldn't have a 'blogspot.com' or 'zenfolio.com' or 'smugmug.com' at the end of it. (The photographer in question doesn't). They'll sit down with a bride to be and go over what's wanted - and then present a CONTRACT that both the bride and the photographer will sign (This photographer didn't). They might even have invested hard-earned money in a place of business (and the accompanying utilities, liability insurance and so forth (The shooter we're talking about didn't).

Hopefully they'll be able to show you REAL wedding albums and photographs, that you can hold in your hand. I've spoken before (twice) about how photos can be stolen digitally and put on websites and Facebook. In fact I saw tonight one of the original perpetrators that I spoke of - is doing it AGAIN.

Want to make sure no one who reads this thinks I'm bitter about losing work to others. As my friend Erin says, "There's plenty of customers to go around." But what's happening to people who don't get treated right by others with a camera - reflects on the industry as a whole.

Below is Kaytlyn and Travis. They got married outdoors in Oakland City last June. Once that little girl in her tummy decides to grow up some - there will be a pregnancy shoot. :)

kaytlyn and travis


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