Lovely Ladies

June 27, 2013  •  2 Comments

During a conversation about a possible photo shoot this evening, I received this message:

"Cliff, I really don't think I compare to the lovely ladies I have seen you shoot. Not even in the same category! "


The answer to that is:

In all reality the lovely ladies I have photographed are - just like you.
Real-life women, with the same doubts and fears.
They've just taken the trusting jump out of the plane, believing that the parachute I offer will open and they'll be free and safe - and that they'll see something in themselves that they've never seen before.
And it always does (the parachute, that is).

Don't wait for perfection. You're already perfect, just the way you are.


Tara Eveland Photography, Olney IL(non-registered)
Cliff sir,
You are so right. You know, being a professional boudoir photographer AND an upcoming client of yours, I can totally relate. Ive had 2 kids, Im 29 years old, and there are just some parts of me that 'society' do not find 'sexy' so let alone do I find them sexy or think my husband or anyone looking at your portfolio will either. BUT, as one photog to another, I will TRUST you, I come as a client with full trust that you are going to know what angle, light, composition to use to make MY images perfect. I wont have the same imags as the bodybuilder woman, or the gymnast, but Ill have MY images with my beautiful hair and other assets I like about myself showcased. Plus, you need some curvy girls up in here! :) cant wait to see you when i get back from vaca and get this shoot in! tell linda i said hi and i hope she wakes up while im there so i can meet her!
james johnson(non-registered)
this is so true
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