One Minute and Forty-Seven Seconds

June 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I ran across this video this afternoon on a website that belongs to a man who coaches morning radio shows (among other things). Weed and Cliff of course can't afford that, but we do read his blog with interest, as he has many interesting tips.

None so profound as this video.

It tells me two things. 1. How just a few words, a simple statement, or ONE power image can change someone's life. 2. How poorly we as a society are at telling the story, or making the image so simple, and yet so powerful.

In an age where 'more is better' we have come to believe that more words, more background, more Photoshop tricks all get thrown in to things that we say, texts we send, images that those with cameras take. The simple 8 words at the end of the video though, tell us that thought and effort go a long, long way into making a difference.

It did for me. I urge you to watch it.





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