Artistic Tummy

July 07, 2013  •  1 Comment

I'll be the first one to say that not everyone wants to have a tummy shoot like this. And all my models and clients know that I would never photograph, represent or publish photos of them in any representation that they did not fully approve of.

I've photographed Kaytlyn for a long time, and she appreciates my "Woman as Art" work, and jumped at the offer to help me with some ideas that I wanted to try in the new studio space.

I love the reclining shadow in this one. It's kind of representation of 'the body before' and soon to be as Kaytlyn already has her workout plans in place.

Kaytlyn in shadow.

The 2nd photograph is also beautiful to me because of the sculpture that the human body can be. Yes, I left her stretch marks in on purpose. Badges of honor, I think. A mark of the ability to give life.

Kaytlyn Sculpture

By the way, we made this photographs on Tuesday (July 2nd) and Jasmine was born 3 days later. Mother and daughter are doing fine.


Tara Eveland Photography, Olney IL(non-registered)
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