Photos that have Meaning

July 28, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Friday there were several folks in the studio to see me officially cut the ribbon on the place. Joining the Chamber of Commerce means you have to officially act like a business, I suppose. That won't stop my from doing what I do.

I said during my 'acceptance speech' that what I aim to do with the camera is to create more than just 'pretty pictures.' I want whatever I do to have a deeper meaning - be something that's cherished, not for how pretty it is, but for the story it tells. That's true with wedding photography, but even more so with portraits, seniors, infants, and some of the other photographs I spend time making.

A Mother That would be the case of course with this photo of my step-daughter Meganne. Jackson will soon be a month old, and although he sleeps pretty well on anyone's shoulder, his mother's shoulder is clearly a special place.

It's also clear how deeply she loves her son. She seemed to go away to a special place when I asked her to remove her glasses, turn her head to the side, and close her eyes.

It's probably not so clear that Jackson's older brother, nearly three, was in constant motion underneath both of our feet. Constant. Motion. (equally loved, by the way).

This is the kind of photograph I always hope to be able to make. The background may change, and the lighting too. 

But there will always be this special meaning in the photos.


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