I Don't Give Compliments Unless They're Warranted

September 08, 2013  •  1 Comment

Got this nice little message Saturday. Kinda made my day, actually.

"Your stuff really is amazing. It looks "professional". Not like those people who take pics and charge for it and say they're professionals. Your stuff looks like things I see in magazines."

Then Maria said she doesn't give compliments unless they're warranted. So I better take this one seriously.

Thanks.one year baby photo

I have droned on over the past couple of weeks to anyone who would listen about being sure as a photographer to create a 'body of work', that I treat what I do as art whether anyone else sees it or not, and that at least in my opinion - a timeless work of art will still be a work of art 30 years from now.

I'll probably be gone by then, but what I'm doing now will be still be here. And I want that to still be treasured heirlooms, not passed along in a box, like so many snapshots, or now - disks with print rights.

You can call me old school if you want. And yes, if I make your photograph - you'll get a digital version for social media. It's my sincere hope though that you'll treasure a real photograph as well.



Tara Eveland(non-registered)
I JUST posted about 'shoebox' photographs, the ones that didnt make the cut in grandmas collage on the wall so she kept them in a shoebox he he. that is sooo true that as artist we need to continually stress the importance of actually turning photography into works of ART to put in our homes versus just doing a quick 'burn' on a disc and handing it over. that does NOT make you an artist because you didnt create anything, you merely took an image and slapped it on a digital file. now as you said giving the digital negatives to a session is a great thing, and i do it too in my middle and top collections or a la carte, but they hold HUGE value to me because I know these are literally the 'negatives' that need to be archived in a safe place (outside of the home I recommend in case of a home fire or something else) Love your writing as usual, and your work! keep it up cliff!
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