Matt and Erika

March 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Had an awesome couple visit me this week for some maternity photos. I can tell be the way Erika and Matt joke together so much, and apparently with their to-be-born-in-four-weeks son they will be GREAT parents!


As usual, I found Erika to be far more beautiful in pregnancy than she did - and I'm guessing that when Matt got to see her posing he realized what I was talking about - as much as he was grinning. This was of course after we heard about her only being able to see half of her bellybutton.

Incidentally the bandeau top that she brought was PERFECT for this shoot. I covered enough, but let the camera see her beautiful tummy. And worked with the cardigan and other things she brought. If you're considering a tummy shoot - it would work well for about anyone!




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