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This is the 3rd time I've photographed Spring, but the first time she has not been expecting. Afterwards she gave me a compliment that I will cherish:
"It was an honor to work in his studio and collaborate our very first "non maternity" photoshoot. After one of life's toughest battles..... This is once again a part of my art.... My therapy. Cliff puts his soul into his work and tells a story that goes beyond just a snap shot. Emotion in every image, feelings in every frame. From the bottom of my heart & all of the way from Hawaii.... Mahalo."
I keep telling her as I tell everyone I photograph, that my job is fairly simple - it's more about getting you as a model to believe in yourself than it is with what great skill I arrange the lights or set the camera exposure properly.
My Facebook status today is: "If you have been given a gift, give that away freely. It will be returned to you over and over." This of course does not mean I'm giving away free sessions, but just that the love that I put into the images that we create together - images that you will cherish mean as much to me as they do to you - as evidenced by what Spring said above.
Thanks :)


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