Jill and Alden

August 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Jill and Alden's wedding was a couple of weeks back, and I wanted to make sure to get their images delivered to them before I posted this. Well that and I've been pretty busy on other project to update the website. (They got their images ON TIME though).

What a fun day they had. Love the moments of them alone together - the 'first look' before the ceremony, them sitting at lunch, also before the ceremony. One of my favorite images is of the '2nd kiss.' Seems like that FIRST KISS at the altar is kind of rushed when everyone is watching, but at the back of the church, it was just the couple, married only for minutes, and their photographer. So special.

Thanks to Jill and Alden and both families for making me feel welcome and allowing me full access to capture their day. It was great.


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