It Was a Perfect Day

June 18, 2017  •  2 Comments

Babbs first came to my studio back in March and we photographed some of her work and discussed her wedding and couldn't wait for the day to come.

For a different reason than she did, I'm sure. As a photographer I'm always looking to be able to create 'magical' images. That's a lot easier to do in 'magical' places, and Babbs and her family absolutely created one at the lake home Saturday. From the food to the flowers to the friends to the garden to 'the point' to the window light. It was all magical. Thanks for allowing me to spend the day with you!



Ruth Coleman(non-registered)
My wedding was at this same place 16 years ago. Randi and Gary know how to make the love flow at their home. My wedding there was perfect as well. Babbs and Eric may your days together and marriage be as happy as ours was.
Carol Herzberger(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful <3
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