My name is Cliff Ingram, and I am an award winning photographer.

Some have called me an artist, and I suppose that's correct. But part of that, I think, is to just know when the magic is happening and all I need to do is shut up and push the button.

I make photographs for senior, families, weddings, and specialize in glamour and boudoir photography.

It might be more important to know what OTHER people say about me.
The following are quotes from notes I've received about my work:


"What Cliff does is beautiful and my shoot with him has been one of the most, if not the most, empowering thing I have ever done. After torturing my body for seven years to try to fit the image of "beautiful" that we are so often bombarded with, it has been such an empowering and strengthening point in my life learning to love myself and see beauty in me, and shooting with Cliff has only reinforced this."

"I love the pictures of baby with mom and dad. When you lose a little one like we did with our 2 year old grandson and memories and pictures are all you have left they are such a treasure. Your photograph of Maggie and Sawyer brought tears to my eyes this morning."


“You do a fantastic job. I haven’t stopped smiling since I left your studio.”
“I have always told her how beautiful she is, but she has never believed me. This pic proves it. You have captured her beauty perfectly.”
“I cried when I saw this pic. Omg is that me?! I don’t remember looking that beautiful! I love it.”
“I just want to say thank you. I feel so uplifted. I so enjoyed today.”

"There is a level of emotion and love in your photography that is unmatched by others. I am proud to have had these photos done and to name you as my photographer."

"I have worked with Cliff couple times and the last time we did a session, I wanted to do it for my significant other as a gift. Before the photo-shoot I was really nervous that I’m doing something that I have never done before. I have always been the girl that was insecure about her and never felt beautiful or sexy from the inside. But after that session Cliff gave me something that was priceless. It was beyond just a photo-shoot. After I looked at the pictures I was amazed how amazing I looked. I didn’t know it was possible. I felt beautiful from the inside. I lost my words and couldn’t believe my eyes. And its something I will always treasure it. One funny thing is, every time now I doubt myself I look at those pictures to remind myself that I am beautiful too in my own way. Thank you Cliff for changing my mindset."

"I am grateful for Cliff and his beautiful pictures that helped me see that my body as work of art."

"It really is the most empowering gift I have ever given myself; With a lot of help from an amazing, creative visionary he not only was able to make me feel physically beautiful, but captured a piece of my spirit I thought was lost forever! I highly recommend a photo shoot with this wonderful man!! Thank you Cliff : )"

"I don't think people understand. I was so nervous to have my pictures taken and ended up leaving there feeling like a total rock star!!! So, thank you!! For every time I have told someone about it, and they say, "oh, I could never do that", I tell them I thought I couldn't either and then I show them my photo, and they are awestruck. Your work is amazing and I think more people should know."

"Wow. I am absolutely blown away by how phenomenal those look! Not to sound conceited, but I didn't realize I could look that good! You are a very talented photographer. I really enjoyed working with you."

"Priceless, spiritual, and filled with peace."

"That is one of the sexiest pics I have ever seen! Wow!"

"She'll always be able to look at this history of herself in a way that will fill her soul!!"

"You have a way that helps women (people... their husbands, their partners, the men in your shots as well, the newlyweds and newly-engaged, etc.) feel safe and grateful."

"Just thought I'd share my husband's response to the photos you sent me...
'"Baby these pictures are incredible! I can't believe what I am looking
at, they are so beautiful! You look so unbelievably amazing. Not only
are they out of this world hot but elegant as well. I absolutely love
All of our family & friends love them as well :). Thank you again for capturing such beautiful images!
Out of ALL of my modeling photos (& I have a ton), these are beyond his favorite."

"You give people emotional support and capture life moments for them that might otherwise fade. You don't "hide" our weaknesses, only "highlight" our strengths, and allow our weaknesses to be cohesive with them."