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Live, Laugh, Love Live, Laugh, Love - frequently seen on signs in kitchens, living rooms, and other places in the home these days.

It's a simplified version of the opening of a poem written by Bessie Anderson Stanley in 1904:
"He has achieved success
who has lived well,
laughed often, and loved much."

A daily reminder of how to grow to old age and to be a happy person, but on no day are the three words 'Live, Laugh, Love' more important than on your wedding day. If the living, laughing and loving that Kaylan and Jacob had on their wedding day is any indication then their daily reminder will come from more than a sign on the kitchen wall.

Being a wedding photographer gives you an insight to a couple that most don't see. I'm with the bride alone. I'm with the groom alone. While everyone sees the first kiss I see the 2nd at the back of the church when no one else is looking. I see people young and old put on the fancy clothes and for a few minutes realize how amazing they really are. It's a blessing to be able to do this.

Here's some of my favorites from Kaylan and Jacob's day:


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Can you tell the story... Alex's mom asked me the question, "Can you tell the story that starts here?" "She's always been a strong and confident child," but she has from the age of 13 months worn glasses. Doctors were attempting to correct the little problem that seen in this snapshot - posted with the permission of mom. The glasses always "corrected her crossing - until this summer when the doctors said it was time for more." "So in July she underwent surgery on both eyes. It wasn't easy and no one was certain this would work, but she is a determined tough little cookie.

And then 9 days before her portrait session with Ingram Images she was fitted for her very first pair of contacts. Which is a significant step in the lives of any young woman, but for Alex even more so - because of the long road that she has already traveled.

My Woman as Art project frequently celebrates the difficulties and the long and winding roads that women endure, and yet remain beautiful.

My new friend Alex, at 10, is already a veteran traveler.




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Just shoot. Shoot.

Just shoot.

Shoot everything around you.

Pick up whatever you have with a lens and tell the story.

Then put the camera down and soak in the moment.

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Beth and Todd One of the best things about creating wedding photographs is that I'm privileged to spend time and capture moments with the bride and groom - when there is no one else present. Beth and Todd elected to have a 'first look' in a small alleyway-turned-park right off the downtown square. I just instructed Todd to not turn around until he felt Beth's hand take his. The change in his expression in these first two images when he feels her touch is - mesmerizing. And Beth seemed to enjoy it as well.

Even in the midst of family and friends, those moments that the couple shares with me is so special:

When daughter helps mom with dad's ring: (This is probably my shot of the day...)

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Best of 2017 - Boudoir and Woman as Art 2017 was an amazing and beautiful year at Ingram Images. Each January when I look back at my work over the previous 12 months - I just get overwhelmed at the beauty and power and bravery that stepped in front of my lens, and this is no exception.

What follows are what I consider to be the best of the images I produced in 2017 in the areas of boudoir and artistic nude, and they are in no way a reflection of the value of the clients, as every single one was amazing and beautiful. I thank you all for visiting this year, and especially those of you who graciously allowed your imagery to be published here.

Please email [email protected] for information on how you can be in front of my camera at Ingram Images. 

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Sydney and DJ It was a beautiful day for a wedding. The weather was two thumbs up, the lighting was amazing and naturally, everyone was stunning. Someone may have attempted to steal the show.

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I Owed it to My Younger Self Back when I was a boy about the age we call ‘tween’ today I looked to the sky and found it extremely interesting.

While some might have been learning the correct technique to throw a little league curve ball, I was studying the moons of Jupiter in my evenings. I could then point out a variety of constellations when it was good and dark. I knew why Betelgeuse was red and Sirius was blue on a clear night. And I had stood in the cold and wondered why they only called them the “Seven Sisters” when there are in fact hundreds of stars in that cluster.

But I would only see in the books I owned - a total solar eclipse.

Because that simple function of planetary geometry is - simultaneously - the easiest and hardest astronomical oddity to see.

You just have to be in the right place at the right time and look up. Which is easy because you need no telescope. No binoculars. No map of the heavens. No right ascension or declination. It’s just there. But - you have to be in the right place at the right time. Period.

As a boy I vowed I would one day take in the experience in person.

So that is why I excused myself from the radio program, which I am very devoted to. Why I for months blocked out the date to be sure there would be no photo sessions. Why I spent hours looking for the best spot that was easiest to get to - with a couple of alternates in hopes of avoiding cloud cover. Why I dug out the old telescope that I suspected might be broken (it wasn’t). Why I purchased and assembled solar filters for both telescope and camera - and purchased those eclipse glasses months ago.

Here's what I brought home:

And my favorite:

Thanks to the folks in Cave-In-Rock Illinois for their hospitality, and the Potter's Church for allowing me to set up on their parking lot.

I want to go do it again tomorrow.

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It Was a Perfect Day Babbs first came to my studio back in March and we photographed some of her work and discussed her wedding and couldn't wait for the day to come.

For a different reason than she did, I'm sure. As a photographer I'm always looking to be able to create 'magical' images. That's a lot easier to do in 'magical' places, and Babbs and her family absolutely created one at the lake home Saturday. From the food to the flowers to the friends to the garden to 'the point' to the window light. It was all magical. Thanks for allowing me to spend the day with you!


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Made with Loving Hands This was a very interesting session.

Babbs makes thread and yarn from wool via the spinning wheel, then dyes it herself frequently from plants she grows herself. Then it becomes works of art like is shown in these images. What some might consider a lost art lives on in the love from her hands as she works, and it shows in what she does as well.

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Best of - Valentine's Day I was fortunate enough to have a good number of beautiful women visit my studio for Valentine's Day images. Some of those women were making a gift for a significant other. Some of those women just came to make a gift for themselves - to be reminded that they are indeed beautiful. Here's some of what I thought were the best from those sessions. Thanks to all my clients for a busy season - and thanks to these clients for allowing me to show them off.

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Best of 2016 - Boudoir Edition I have selected the following images as my 'best of' for boudoir photography in 2016 - with the understanding that no image posted here is done so without permission from the client who appears in it. There may in fact very well be about another 20 or so that could appear, but the client has requested that the remain privately-commissioned art, and of course I respect those wishes.

One of the most interesting things about creating images like this is when the point in the session is reached where the client basically 'lets her hair down' and begins to create on her own. It's almost a transformation; a self-realization if you will.

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Katie and Dance Katie is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and a wide variety of other things performing. And she's also beautiful and photogenic. And 15.

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Kylor I've been fortunate enough to photograph Kylor about once a year or so since she was 18 months old.

And now she's 9....

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Jenna and Josh There are time when a photographer gets a few minutes to put together something artistic:

And then there are those times when a wedding photographer has to hang on and see where it goes:

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Still has it. I first photographed this client in a boudoir session just over three years ago. She returned a few days ago to 'see if she still had it.'

Yes. She does.


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Amelia and Naem Saturday was a day filled with power failures, laughter, tears, makeup, classic rock, pasties, tears, Blue Moon, singing, dancing, tears, and much, much love.

Congratulations to to both Amelia and Naem, and many blessings on your future together. 

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Stacy and Rob Stacy and Rob had a most unusual wedding. First - it was on a Friday afternoon. Second - they were the only ones in the chapel, besides my wife and I, and the officiant. Third - they left me an entire hour to do some really good images (I highly recommend this).

It was an honor to be there - and now that everyone else knows we can show off the photos!


Special thanks to the folks at the Caborn Chapel Wedding and Event Venue for going out of their way to let me do what I do!

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You Truly Caught My Inner Beauty The six most favorite words I like to hear from my clients - without a doubt.

Warms my heart to know that I can show a client on the outside - what they FEEL on the inside.

Jenn celebrated motherhood of twins and a wedding anniversary with her album, and was gracious enough to let me show you how beautiful she is! A big thanks for that. It's one thing to show your husband this images, it's entirely something else to show them to the world.

She said before the session that she wondered if her Inner Goddess would come out. It was a smiling, laughing, fun-loving, beautiful sight to see.

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An Open Letter to my State Government An open letter to the Government of the State of Indiana from a wedding vendor.


Much has been made in recent days of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and how it protects the the religious freedoms of those who serve couples on their special day.


My statement is very simple: I don’t need your protection in this area.


As a struggling small business in a small town in the Hoosier State I welcome everyone who selects me as their photographer, whether that be for a wedding, portrait session, or otherwise. My business has grown from a hobby pretending to be a business - to the real deal. I collect and pay sales taxes, have been a member of the chamber of commerce, pay property taxes on all the camera gear that I use, make sure my business interests are insured, and somehow still manage to pay the rent for my studio every month.


If I chose to be as selective in who my clients were as you think I am, I would likely have very few clients to serve. From a raw business standpoint - the more marriages there are, the larger my client base can be.


What I have chosen is for the Ten Commandments to serve as a guide as how I should live my life, not as a book of rules which I should be using to judge others.


One of the most thoughtful commentaries on recent days has been provided by Reverend Brent Wright, Paster of the Broad Ripple UMC. He says, “The Pharisees were disgusted at Jesus’ lack of religious purity, at his libertine social boundaries, and at his disdain for the rules of his own religion. They were disturbed by his willingness to associate with the filthy and the despicable. They insisted on their right to refuse service to the unclean, to marginalize those contaminated by what they self-righteously labeled ‘sin.’ They loved interpreting scripture in ways that led Jesus to call them hypocrites for worrying about specks in ‘sinners’ eyes while ignoring logs in their own.

The Pharisees’ perversion, which mutated what was surely a sincere pursuit of faithfulness into its exact opposite, should cause you to reconsider your support of RFRA and of your sense of ‘purity’ that calls on you to discriminate against LGBT people in general." Full text HERE.


Underneath his blog a commenter wrote to the affect - Yes, Jesus forgave the sins of the prostitute and told her to “go and sin no more.” And further the poster seemingly believes that if you choose to associate with a sinner without telling them to sin no more - you are in fact encouraging sin.


I say to you it is quite different. Jesus associated with the sinner, loved her and forgave her sin. The only thing that us as humans are qualified to do, is to associate with, and to love. We need to let God take care of the rest.


Your religious freedom act encourages neither - association and inclusion, or love of fellow human.


My suggestion? If you want to protect me - protect my clients.

Do a better job of making sure brides aren’t crying on their wedding day because their cake is delivered crooked. Make sure florists are delivering what they promise. Oh and make sure no one has to take their photographer to small claims court to get their pictures. (I have seen all of this happen).

Happy clients are paying clients, no matter their persuasion. Paying clients mean I get to collect sales tax for you, and to buy a new camera so that my county can collect tax on that.


And you can then go back to the government’s job of spending our tax dollars wisely.

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Emily Emily just turned one and came to the studio this week - in a snow storm for her session.

So much fun! I did find out that 'whipped' icing is much easier to deal with - and it makes for a much cuter mess too!

There's always one 'moving target' shot that just turns out magical, and this is it:

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Shana I've been fortunate enough to photograph Shana a couple of times now, and here's some of my favorite images from the 2nd session:

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Congratulations to Shay and Mona! A weekend trip to the Carbondale area to photograph the big day for Shay and Mona!

Two brides means two sets of bridesmaids. And all this:


And then there was not a dry eye to be had: (Thanks Natasha)

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A Wedding in New Harmony To say that the events leading up to the big day for Jovanni and Ben had made their life difficult would be an understatement. But the day came anyway, and like lovers who were destined to be together - they persevered. There is also a saying about the rain washing away a bride's troubles, and in fact there was a bit of a sprinkle as Jovanni kissed her new husband.

Thanks for having me along for the day, and also a big thank-you to Erin at for coming along. Over and over she said, "I'm not a wedding photographer," but the images show that she actually just hasn't realized it yet. Beautiful work.

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Jill and Alden Jill and Alden's wedding was a couple of weeks back, and I wanted to make sure to get their images delivered to them before I posted this. Well that and I've been pretty busy on other project to update the website. (They got their images ON TIME though).

What a fun day they had. Love the moments of them alone together - the 'first look' before the ceremony, them sitting at lunch, also before the ceremony. One of my favorite images is of the '2nd kiss.' Seems like that FIRST KISS at the altar is kind of rushed when everyone is watching, but at the back of the church, it was just the couple, married only for minutes, and their photographer. So special.

Thanks to Jill and Alden and both families for making me feel welcome and allowing me full access to capture their day. It was great.

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Kylor I first photographed Kylor when she was one year old. She's now SEVEN - and going to be in first grade in the fall. It's not hard to imagine me doing her senior pictures some day not too far from now.


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Spring This is the 3rd time I've photographed Spring, but the first time she has not been expecting. Afterwards she gave me a compliment that I will cherish:
"It was an honor to work in his studio and collaborate our very first "non maternity" photoshoot. After one of life's toughest battles..... This is once again a part of my art.... My therapy. Cliff puts his soul into his work and tells a story that goes beyond just a snap shot. Emotion in every image, feelings in every frame. From the bottom of my heart & all of the way from Hawaii.... Mahalo."
I keep telling her as I tell everyone I photograph, that my job is fairly simple - it's more about getting you as a model to believe in yourself than it is with what great skill I arrange the lights or set the camera exposure properly.
My Facebook status today is: "If you have been given a gift, give that away freely. It will be returned to you over and over." This of course does not mean I'm giving away free sessions, but just that the love that I put into the images that we create together - images that you will cherish mean as much to me as they do to you - as evidenced by what Spring said above.
Thanks :)

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Girls in Wedding Dresses This session was lots of fun. And I mean LOTS.

Two girls (cousins). Fancy hair and jewelry. Manicures. Maybe even a bit of lip gloss. Their mom's wedding dresses, and lots of little clamps to make them fit...



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Sarah and Jeremiah Here's a few quick images from Sarah and Jeremiah's wedding Saturday:

Great couple! Thanks for letting me spend the day with you - and also a BIG thanks for picking spectacular spots to have photos done :)

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Ashley and JP I have photographed Ashley several times before, but she brought her man in for the first time.

I would declare him to be a bit apprehensive to start, but I do think he had fun.

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Wendy and Elmer Seems like Wendy and Elmer picked the EXACTLY correct day to get married. Day before the weather was awful. The day after it was even worse. The day of - stunning...

Here's a few sneak peak images:

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Throwback to April of 1981. A few days short of 33 years ago, actually.

It was the first time I ever saw one in person, and I had a camera in my hand.

I was 17 and my freshly-typed press credentials for the first launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia were pinned to my shirt.

I was fortunate enough to at the time be working for the Clarion, and with their help got press credentials, and the rest of the trip was funded by my grandmother - spending the time with relatives who lived not far away from the Space Center.

Once you arrived at the press center a couple of miles from the actual launch pad, a bus would periodically take the media out there.

Unload from the bus and there it was - about 300 yards away, standing and waiting to fly into space for the first time.

It was a heady couple of days for a kid photographer. My camera bag, such as it was; unloaded next to the crew photographing the launch from Time Magazine. I remember waiting hours and hours for a computer a launch computer problem to be resolved, and when it was not, the whole thing was unloaded and we had to come back the next day. Darn that was too bad. One more day in the big time. I stayed for it all. Post-launch press conference, video downlinked from the orbiter (projected inside a nice, air conditioned press room), trip to the Launch Control Center Complex cafeteria for food. but darn - the post launch trip for the press to inspect launch blast damage was cancelled.


With some reluctance, I packed up the little red Chevette rental car and left the space center.


I would not see a Shuttle again in person until just a few weeks ago.

Sister ship Atlantis, now retired and on display at the space center in Florida. They say it was 'safed', or cleaned of toxic propellants and other chemicals and brought here - basically in the same condition it was when it returned from space last.

The first one I shot on HP5 with a Canon AE-1 and a 200mm f/2.8.

The second one just a quick snap with the iPhone.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) atlantis clarion columbia launch nasa photography photojournalism shuttle spaceship Thu, 20 Mar 2014 17:57:43 GMT
Kara I first photographed Kara nearly 6 years ago when I was active in the local community theatre group. She has also become part of my Woman as Art project, and now starts Volume 2, apparently.


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Matt and Erika Had an awesome couple visit me this week for some maternity photos. I can tell be the way Erika and Matt joke together so much, and apparently with their to-be-born-in-four-weeks son they will be GREAT parents!


As usual, I found Erika to be far more beautiful in pregnancy than she did - and I'm guessing that when Matt got to see her posing he realized what I was talking about - as much as he was grinning. This was of course after we heard about her only being able to see half of her bellybutton.

Incidentally the bandeau top that she brought was PERFECT for this shoot. I covered enough, but let the camera see her beautiful tummy. And worked with the cardigan and other things she brought. If you're considering a tummy shoot - it would work well for about anyone!



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Is That Really Me? After a strong bit of coaxing, this client and now friend stopped in the studio earlier this week for a session. She's been going through a rough patch, and I hoped the photos we could make together would allow her to see herself in a different light.


I know women all do it. I hear it nearly every day. Women look into the mirror and they see everything they think is wrong with them. And such was the case with this session - we started with a long discussion about all the bad parts my camera needed to avoid. How badly pale her skin was, and so forth.

sheet I wrote on a photographer's message board the other day that what I do as a photographer is not so much just make pretty pictures, but to allow the beauty and grace of who I'm photographing shine through. To get them to stop, even if for just a while, looking at all the bad parts, and focus on what they don't realize they have inside them. All the fancy tools of this trade, and all the complicated backgrounds, and props get in the way sometimes, and we lost sight of why we're doing what we're doing. In my case - it's for me to show my clients how they really are. How I see them.

Following the session I sent these three photographs to her phone as a sneak peak of the work we had done. "Is that me," she asked? It of course is completely her, and I spent only about 5 minutes retouching each photograph. Even today she was still wondering out loud in a text, "Does my stomach actually look like that?"

We all of course don't have stomachs that look like that, but I have found that in every single woman I've photographed over the course of nearly 10 years - there is SOMETHING, some part of YOU that makes YOU uniquely beautiful.

If you do not know what that part is; please, let me help you find it. Celebrate it. And capture it forever.

This this client - thanks for trusting me. It is the cornerstone of what I do after all.

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Simple Beauty I hope that I will be able to make public the photographs I made today.

They will become part of the continuing study that I seem to have undertaken - the beauty of women that women don't seem to know they have.

Today's client came with hair curled, no makeup, with a few articles of lingerie in a clear plastic bag. I asked her if she needed to do anything with her hair or makeup before we started. She said no, and within a few minutes we were shooting.

Before me an unassuming 21 year old who wanted to take some pictures for her boyfriend blossomed into a stunning, beautiful young woman - who indeed didn't need the makeup she wasn't wearing.

Soon her eyes had seemingly grown into the large, round orbs so desired.

Her expression turned to the simple, but sexy look that you see in fashion magazines.

As she posed in natural light by the front window, holding a piece of fabric to hide what was nude underneath, save for the curve of her left hip, which will gracefully draw the eye in the final composition.

There's an image made partially in profile, with her hair covering her face somewhat. The pose seems to enhance her lips. I'm pretty sure Angelina Jolie will want them back. (LOL)

The bewildering thing about this - I sincerely don't think she has any idea how beautiful she is. Which of course makes her all the more so.

I hope the photographs I made of her today will show her how she appeared to me today.

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Beauty and Power It's time to reveal the photos that have been kept secret over the past month or so. I was so blessed to work for many, many clients who for Valentine's Day decided to give a gift of beautiful photos of themselves. Here are a few selected photos from these clients who have graciously allowed me to make them public.

Hollie I would venture to say that some of the clients I photographed learned something about themselves during, or after their session. Some were nervous but quickly lost that as we began to make photographs. Others walked into the studio raring to go.















I'm sure everyone who poses in such an intimate and personal manner has their own reasons for doing so, but whatever it is - they place great trust in me. I go to great lengths to uphold that, and I think that shows in the images that you're seeing here, and in the ones that went home as gifts.

















I hope the Valentine's 'season' this year was as fulfilling for my beautiful clients as it was for me. I received so many notes afterwards thanking me for the way they felt during and after the sessions:
"I don't think people understand. I was so nervous to have my pictures taken and ended up leaving there feeling like a total rock star!!! So, thank you!! For every time I have told someone about it, and they say, "oh, I could never do that", I tell them I thought I couldn't either and then I show them my photo, and they are awestruck. Your work is amazing and I think more people should know."

And when I contacted clients this week to get approval to include their photos here, so  many said they were 'honored'. Believe me, I'm the one that's honored.


I've called this Blog 'Beauty and Power' because I want to demonstrate, both in writing and in my photography, both the beauty and power that women have. Every one of these clients who's beauty you see here (and the ones that declined to make their photos public as well) are just as beautiful on the inside. Some spend hours in the gym, some don't. Some wear the badges of bringing life into the world. Others will. I think the complexity of the gifts women have are frequently lost on us guys. Perhaps as a group men would do better by our women if we thought about that more.













Upon comparison you may notice that there's a little less 'lace' in my boudoir work than in other photographers'. Perhaps that's because I'm a guy and most of them are not. I'm hoping that you understand that I'm attempting to go above my gender to elevate the beauty that I see in women. My personal project "Woman as Art" tries to capture the sculptural quality of the female form. Some of that bleeds into what you see here, but there's also an attempt to show what the camera sees looking into the eyes.

This is a gift that can be given any time, by the way. And you don't have to give it to someone else. I hear from my clients that a photo session makes an extraordinary gift to give YOURSELF! No one has to be a 'model' but everyone CAN 'feel like a ROCK STAR!' Please contact me if you're interested, I'd love to work with you, just as I have enjoyed making images for the lovely ladies you see here.

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Sarah and Jeremiah It was sunny, but cold the Sunday that Sarah and Jeremiah came for their engagement session. There was some outdoor photography, but it was better where it was warm - in my studio.

Happy to have you two here, and I'm looking forward to making your wedding photos soon!

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A Touching Note As the Facebook followers have seen, Ingram Images has been running a special for Valentine's Day. A way to offer a personal, intimate gift to a loved-one.

Apparently there are side-effects.

I made photographs for a woman Sunday afternoon for just such a gift, and we enjoyed a couple of hours making some amazing photographs. Unfortunately, I can't show them because like I said, they are personal and intimate.

Here's what she wrote me in a note afterwards:

"I don't think people understand. I was so nervous to have my pictures taken and ended up leaving there feeling like a total rock star!!! So, thank you!! For every time I have told someone about it, and they say, "oh, I could never do that", I tell them I thought I couldn't either and then I show them my photo, and they are awestruck. Your work is amazing and I think more people should know."

Awe shucks, now you're making me blush. LOL.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) The Right Light art beauty bodyscape boudoir portraits portraiture thanks Thu, 16 Jan 2014 16:34:58 GMT
Abby and June Two weeks old exactly, bright eyed and checking out the bright lights and the camera guy, June was in my studio on New Year's Day. Her mother Abby had a tummy shoot back when it was stinking hot and we went out and stood in the field and sweated, but the images were spectacular, as are these. Thanks for looking:

Abby is a HUGE proponent of normalizing breastfeeding. There is, after all, nothing more normal than eating.

I just love the way her hands are lovingly holding June here, and the little feet that appear on the right side of Mom.


Anyone who says newborns don't have personality, needs to spend more time around newborns...

[email protected] (Ingram Images) The Right Light baby beauty breastfeeding newborn nursing portraits Thu, 02 Jan 2014 20:30:18 GMT
A Girl and a Dress Sometimes a girl puts on a dress - and everything changes.












[email protected] (Ingram Images) Evansville Indiana Lilsy Princeton Indiana The Right Light beauty dress formal portraiture weddings Thu, 12 Dec 2013 22:29:08 GMT
Catherine The first time I photographed Catherine, she was probably in 6th grade and over the years her family has allowed me to photograph a wedding, a tummy shoot for a little brother and family photos several times.

It was both and honor and a lot of fun to do her senior stuff. She's on the Pike Central Soccer team, and I found out she's quite accurate with her shooting. I asked her to kick the ball when we were on the pitch - right at me. And she nailed me every time.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) Catherine Pike Central Senior Pictures Seniors The Right Light portraits portraiture soccer Tue, 15 Oct 2013 20:34:55 GMT
Adrienne Photographing a photographer is a different experience.

I took my time with Adrienne partially as a critique, and although I didn't tell her, I wanted to hear what she had to say about my mannerisms while I'm working with a client. How did I communicate? My body language? For the most part I let her pick the poses - sometimes I like to do that because I want to see what people will come up with - when they're challenged to be creative. And it is - their photo shoot after all.

Later she told me, "You have an almost unnerving way of studying people." 'Most people for some reason avoid a lot of eye contact.'

I did forget to warn her that I do that. Stare into the eyes of a subject. It helps me see what the light is doing, for one. If you look at the eyes closely in photos you can see what lights were where - windows, or studio lighting, maybe a reflector as well.

But sometimes - when you look into a subject's eyes - they look back.


[email protected] (Ingram Images) Ingram Images Princeton Indiana Portrait The Right Light art beauty eyes portraits portraiture studying Wed, 02 Oct 2013 20:40:50 GMT
India I watched a video on the Internet late last week. It was a documentary about a guy who restores old neon signs in Austin TX. He makes his living; feeds his family on the art that he makes. He does say one thing that struck a chord with me.  India

"If you're living your life where you scare yourself a lot - that's really living." "You're going to die anyway whether you take the chances or not. You're still not getting out of here alive so you might as well scare the crap out of yourself and do the things that are really important to you."

Running a business that you put your heart in - is of course what he's talking about. Something that you really care about. Getting to know the people that you photograph. Not just turn out their images and move on to the next. But to put your creativity and your craft into every one. Photos you want to sign your name on.

Life to me is a lot about being scared. It happens on the radio. It happens here in the photo studio. Taking that next step in the journey when you don't know the destination.

I would believe it's the same for India, in the photographs you see here. She's thrown her creative energies into being a model. I don't know a whole lot about that part of the business, other than the powers that be want the models to be tall. She's got that down. She also knows that in order to be successful, she'll likely need to move on from Southwest Indiana.

I hope these photographs go in the portfolio with her.



[email protected] (Ingram Images) India The Right Light art beauty bodyscape model portraiture woman as art Mon, 30 Sep 2013 21:16:56 GMT
Critiques We all need a good critiquing every once in a while.


I got my first, hard look at what I was doing with a camera back in 1980. I was working as a teenage photojournalist at the Daily Clarion, and was pretty handy in the darkroom as well. The publisher of the paper was a man named Larry Hiatt, a large, imposing figure for a 17 year old, loud and opinionated. He was the newspaperman of lore.

Addison He took to using a red wax marker and ‘pointing out’ errors that we made in the paper every day, typos, grammatical errors and such.

The day before I made a shot of some kids playing at a local bible school. I thought it particularly artistic and somehow convinced the editor to run it on one of the inside pages. It may have been artistic but it was apparently not photojournalistic. Which is why Mister Hiatt cut it out of the paper, marked it up with the red marker and left it taped to the door of the darkroom where I’d be sure to see it. And so would anyone else who walked by:




There was no sandwich of redeeming qualities to this critique. Three words just about covered it. Be artistic on your own time.

It may have been three of the most valuable words I ever received in critique. Because, yes - I am now artistic on my own time.


I’ve been critiqued in other areas of my life over the years as well.

In college when a professor selected the ones in the Radio/TV classes that would be successful in their choice of major, and which ones would leave the program (passed that one).

Dillon A few years later when I went to Oklahoma City in an attempt to be an air traffic controller - the director of the program very somberly predicted that he knew more than 80% of the people in the room would not finish successfully (I became a statistic).


I guess my point is - the biggest critique I or any other photographer could get is when someone gets out their checkbook. Whether I’m successful or not - the grade I will get is determined by the clients and friends who I work with.

If you fall into this category, thanks for your vote of confidence.

If you’d like to fall into this category, I look forward to working with you.


[email protected] (Ingram Images) Addison Dillon art beauty critiques portraiture seniors Mon, 16 Sep 2013 00:08:21 GMT
I Don't Give Compliments Unless They're Warranted Got this nice little message Saturday. Kinda made my day, actually.

"Your stuff really is amazing. It looks "professional". Not like those people who take pics and charge for it and say they're professionals. Your stuff looks like things I see in magazines."

Then Maria said she doesn't give compliments unless they're warranted. So I better take this one seriously. year baby photo

I have droned on over the past couple of weeks to anyone who would listen about being sure as a photographer to create a 'body of work', that I treat what I do as art whether anyone else sees it or not, and that at least in my opinion - a timeless work of art will still be a work of art 30 years from now.

I'll probably be gone by then, but what I'm doing now will be still be here. And I want that to still be treasured heirlooms, not passed along in a box, like so many snapshots, or now - disks with print rights.

You can call me old school if you want. And yes, if I make your photograph - you'll get a digital version for social media. It's my sincere hope though that you'll treasure a real photograph as well.


[email protected] (Ingram Images) art body of work compliments maria portraits timeless Sun, 08 Sep 2013 17:48:50 GMT
What Have We Lost? You do have to wonder.

I shot hundreds and hundreds of rolls of film when I was a young photojournalist. And spent hours and hours in the dark room.

And hours.

Push-processing film. Test strips and the purple filters for the variable contrast paper. The coated paper that could be developed, stopped, fixed, rinsed and dried pretty quickly. The Ektamatic machine that made prints that were dry in a couple of minutes. The dance of the hands in dodging and burning.

And I was never really very good at any of it. But I knew what good was.

Before everyone starts to think I'm going all 'curmudgeon', and thinking of days gone by - I will tell you that I am better at what I do now, and a big reason for that is that I work in digital.

There is something though that I think I have lost, and that the photography industry as a whole has lost as well. And that is the workmanship on some level and the attention to detail that was required to produce a fine print.

This is why the details about one of Ansel Adams' most famous photographs are so important. If you read his words as quoted HERE about how the photograph came to be you'll see the workmanship involved in making him one of the most famous landscape photographers in history.

And here's one of the most important quotes, in my opinion, "Fine prints are like a musical performance, “Mr. Adams says. “The negative is the composer’s score and the print is the performance."

So when your photographer urges or insists on producing your prints him- or herself - instead of just handing over files, I hope that you're getting a virtuoso performance.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) Ansel Adams The Right Light developing film prints workmanship Mon, 26 Aug 2013 19:53:05 GMT



[email protected] (Ingram Images) baby pictures cake smashing infants portraits Thu, 22 Aug 2013 19:09:29 GMT
Stuff That Fills My Head As much as Ingram Images is a business, it's also my own personal journey.

A journey of my own creativity, and one that I'm blessed to share with clients, models and friends.

There are of course business owners who lay awake at night worrying about cashflow, and I've had some of that myself, but more often than not, my mind goes to other things. Well, one other thing.


New ideas for photographs. Small, subtle changes I could make to make photographs more meaningful. Using water in photographs. Using fire in photographs, New lighting in photographs, more natural light in photographs.

Sometimes I think about why I'm spending so much time thinking about all that.

And today I found out why.

I read a blog from Tim Ferris (Experiments in Lifestyle Design), where he says:

Creating consumes. It is all day, every day. It knows neither weekends nor vacations. It is not when we feel like it. It is habit, compulsion, obsession, vocation. The common thread that links creators is how they spend their time. No matter what you read, no matter what they claim, nearly all creators spend nearly all their time on the work of creation.

I guess if there's an addiction to be had - that's it. And while NASCAR is on in the background, here I am - thinking about photographs.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) creativity photographs portraiture sleepless Sun, 18 Aug 2013 19:06:56 GMT
Photos that have Meaning Friday there were several folks in the studio to see me officially cut the ribbon on the place. Joining the Chamber of Commerce means you have to officially act like a business, I suppose. That won't stop my from doing what I do.

I said during my 'acceptance speech' that what I aim to do with the camera is to create more than just 'pretty pictures.' I want whatever I do to have a deeper meaning - be something that's cherished, not for how pretty it is, but for the story it tells. That's true with wedding photography, but even more so with portraits, seniors, infants, and some of the other photographs I spend time making.

A Mother That would be the case of course with this photo of my step-daughter Meganne. Jackson will soon be a month old, and although he sleeps pretty well on anyone's shoulder, his mother's shoulder is clearly a special place.

It's also clear how deeply she loves her son. She seemed to go away to a special place when I asked her to remove her glasses, turn her head to the side, and close her eyes.

It's probably not so clear that Jackson's older brother, nearly three, was in constant motion underneath both of our feet. Constant. Motion. (equally loved, by the way).

This is the kind of photograph I always hope to be able to make. The background may change, and the lighting too. 

But there will always be this special meaning in the photos.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) chamber of commerce meaning meganne newborn portraits special story telling Sun, 28 Jul 2013 23:51:10 GMT
The Reason Why I asked someone today to come in for a photo session. (This is something I do almost EVERY day).

Her response was simple, and took me aback, "Why?"

I had to think a bit about that answer:

I told her that a long time ago people started pointing a finger at me, and calling me an artist. I poo-poo'd that for a long time, but eventually came around to believing it to be true.marking art with the camera

I make art with my camera, and my lights (including natural light), and the shadows. I make art that hopefully, looks into the soul of the person in the photograph, or sometimes shows the sculpture that God gave them. My calling is especially to celebrate the beauty and grace that God gave women.

That's a mouthful that I struggle every day to prove true.

So the short answer to the question: "Why?"

"To make art with me!"

(Well, she thought it was a good answer.)


All that being said, I AM booking seniors right now especially. Call, email or message me today.

And for the curious, the lovely model in this photograph is Hannah, who once hailed from the Tell City area, but has since moved on to greener pastures. I made the photograph with natural light.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) The Right Light art beauty natural portraiture shadow Tue, 16 Jul 2013 18:39:51 GMT
Artistic Tummy I'll be the first one to say that not everyone wants to have a tummy shoot like this. And all my models and clients know that I would never photograph, represent or publish photos of them in any representation that they did not fully approve of.

I've photographed Kaytlyn for a long time, and she appreciates my "Woman as Art" work, and jumped at the offer to help me with some ideas that I wanted to try in the new studio space.

I love the reclining shadow in this one. It's kind of representation of 'the body before' and soon to be as Kaytlyn already has her workout plans in place.

Kaytlyn in shadow.

The 2nd photograph is also beautiful to me because of the sculpture that the human body can be. Yes, I left her stretch marks in on purpose. Badges of honor, I think. A mark of the ability to give life.

Kaytlyn Sculpture

By the way, we made this photographs on Tuesday (July 2nd) and Jasmine was born 3 days later. Mother and daughter are doing fine.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) Kaytlyn The Right Light artistic beauty bodyscape curvy pregnancy sculpture tummy Mon, 08 Jul 2013 01:15:18 GMT
Put Your Photos Where Your Mouth Is Last week I waxed (rather eloquently I might add) on and on about the beauty that I have found in the lovely ladies that I have photographed over the years, adding that all women are beautiful just the way they are - and of the leap of faith that they take in me when they come for a session.

I got called out on that blog - as someone said that all the photos they could find were of gymnasts or bodybuilders. "Post some curvy girls" they said.....

I have always endeavored to find beauty where it exists. And here it is:



















































[email protected] (Ingram Images) beauty body art bodyscape curvy glamor portraits sexy Sun, 30 Jun 2013 23:21:48 GMT
Lovely Ladies During a conversation about a possible photo shoot this evening, I received this message:

"Cliff, I really don't think I compare to the lovely ladies I have seen you shoot. Not even in the same category! "


The answer to that is:

In all reality the lovely ladies I have photographed are - just like you.
Real-life women, with the same doubts and fears.
They've just taken the trusting jump out of the plane, believing that the parachute I offer will open and they'll be free and safe - and that they'll see something in themselves that they've never seen before.
And it always does (the parachute, that is).

Don't wait for perfection. You're already perfect, just the way you are.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) Glamor beauty fear lovely photo shoots portraits real-life Fri, 28 Jun 2013 03:36:17 GMT
One Minute and Forty-Seven Seconds I ran across this video this afternoon on a website that belongs to a man who coaches morning radio shows (among other things). Weed and Cliff of course can't afford that, but we do read his blog with interest, as he has many interesting tips.

None so profound as this video.

It tells me two things. 1. How just a few words, a simple statement, or ONE power image can change someone's life. 2. How poorly we as a society are at telling the story, or making the image so simple, and yet so powerful.

In an age where 'more is better' we have come to believe that more words, more background, more Photoshop tricks all get thrown in to things that we say, texts we send, images that those with cameras take. The simple 8 words at the end of the video though, tell us that thought and effort go a long, long way into making a difference.

It did for me. I urge you to watch it.




[email protected] (Ingram Images) communication make a difference video words youtube Sun, 23 Jun 2013 23:45:27 GMT
Always Love a Tummy Shoot
A friend in the studio today.

I've photographed Kaytlyn's wedding, her tummy for her first child, and now her 2nd. An extraordinary young woman and a good friend.

There's a fascinating article on the Internet now where the CEO of Yahoo says there's no longer a thing called a professional photographer.

As long as Kaytlyn and my other friends are around to inspire me - that will always be a false statement.


[email protected] (Ingram Images) Kaytlyn portraits portraiture pregnancy professional photographer tummy Tue, 21 May 2013 22:18:07 GMT
Wedding in the Studio May 11th my best friend Linda became my wife. We decided to use the new studio space as the place for the wedding, and it turned out AWESOME! We had about 50-something people upstairs for the event:

The 2,200 square feet made a lovely place for a wedding, and in fact I MIGHT consider renting it out if someone is looking for a place to get married....

I do want to thank everyone who brought the confetti and poppers.....

Can't thank my daughter Brianna enough - she has 2nd shot weddings with me several times, and this was her first real go at it by herself. OK I did set the lights up and whatnot, but she caught all the fun....

[email protected] (Ingram Images) 113 West Broadway Brianna Ingram Images Linda new studio studio weddings Sun, 19 May 2013 22:25:53 GMT
Look Who I Found! I was doing some shots of the Saint Joseph and Blessed Sacrament Confirmation classes this weekend, and I found this couple.

I shot Mr. and Mrs. Greenwell's wedding - 31 years ago. I believe I was 18 at the time. Just a quick, out of focus iPhone pic today. It was good to see them.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) past weddings Wed, 01 May 2013 12:56:07 GMT
I keep saying the same things over and over But this time, it's a little different.

I saw a friend post on Facebook this evening that she was EXTREMELY angry.

This friend had recently gotten married at the end of 2012 - and unfortunately, chose a different photographer to capture that day.

Now that photographer has moved away, turned off her phone, and blocked the bride from her Facebook and several other social networking sites. This of course leaves the bride with no way to get a hold of the photographer - now that the photographer has moved to Tennessee. She's gotten no images from this photographer. And is totally out whatever's been paid to the photographer.

You shouldn't have to check with the Better Business Bureau before hiring someone to shoot your wedding, but it may get to that - if clients don't educate themselves.

If a person has started a business making photographs - they should care enough about that business and their clients to have a REAL website. Not just a Facebook page. They'll register the name of this website with GoDaddy or whoever and it shouldn't have a '' or '' or '' at the end of it. (The photographer in question doesn't). They'll sit down with a bride to be and go over what's wanted - and then present a CONTRACT that both the bride and the photographer will sign (This photographer didn't). They might even have invested hard-earned money in a place of business (and the accompanying utilities, liability insurance and so forth (The shooter we're talking about didn't).

Hopefully they'll be able to show you REAL wedding albums and photographs, that you can hold in your hand. I've spoken before (twice) about how photos can be stolen digitally and put on websites and Facebook. In fact I saw tonight one of the original perpetrators that I spoke of - is doing it AGAIN.

Want to make sure no one who reads this thinks I'm bitter about losing work to others. As my friend Erin says, "There's plenty of customers to go around." But what's happening to people who don't get treated right by others with a camera - reflects on the industry as a whole.

Below is Kaytlyn and Travis. They got married outdoors in Oakland City last June. Once that little girl in her tummy decides to grow up some - there will be a pregnancy shoot. :)

kaytlyn and travis

[email protected] (Ingram Images) Better Business Bureau Kaytlyn copyright fraud weddings Mon, 18 Mar 2013 00:59:31 GMT
It's happened again... For the 3rd time since mid-January a group of photographers that I'm friends with and myself have caught a photographer stealing copyrighted images belonging to other photographers and posting them on either their website, or their Facebook page - as if they were their own.

The latest thief: a so-called professional photographer from Henderson.

Here's a screen shot from FB before the offender took down the image. If you look very closely at the bottom, you'll be able to see who it is.

The photograph is actually the intellectual property of Teresa at in Springfield, Missouri. A simple Google Image Search that takes about 20 seconds to do - found this out.

To make matters even worse - the local photographer that was stealing the image indicated on her Facebook page that this was a photograph of her deceased son.

As Kerri (, one of my photographer friends eloquently stated, "The photography industry is getting crazy with people who purchase cameras, create a face book page, and steal images to post as their own work."

Be careful out there.

Wash your eyes out by visiting some of my other friends' work:

Oh and mine too, LOL

[email protected] (Ingram Images) Thu, 07 Mar 2013 03:00:19 GMT
Big Event Coming up! Most people who look though my galleries here and on Facebook will easily see that most of what I do - is done in the studio.

If you look a little farther you'll notice I DO get out of the studio - for two things.

My on location portraiture seeks to relate the subject to what they do, like say Stephen, who spent the football season of his senior year in the weight room - recovering from a knee injury. This photo tells that story.

Some people have asked me why I'd photograph Dustin without his shirt for his senior photos. Because he's a lifeguard, of course. And it also shows him with the scars left after a kidney transplant.



I'm also out and about for another reason - to play photojournalist. I started out in newspaper photography, and still enjoy finding a way to tell a story with photographs. I was fortunate enough to photograph my daughter and the rest of the Marching Titans for 4 years - and last fall to photograph my Great Aunt and Uncle's interment in Arlington National Cemetery.

This coming weekend I'll be photographing a historic Saturday for Gibson County. More details to come.









[email protected] (Ingram Images) arlington events location marching band photography photojournalism portraiture Mon, 18 Feb 2013 15:38:00 GMT
Photographer. Or not.      I got caught up in a series of unfortunate events on the Internet today.
     I'm part of a photographer's message board on Facebook, and the day started out with someone making a post about how other photographers run their business, the prices the charge, and what they do and don't offer their customers.
     It was probably a 'vent' but soon turned into quite the lively discussion. And that soon enough turned sour. I didn't say much, 1 or two posts, as I was busy with other things, but monitored what others were saying. It ended up with people being blocked from seeing other people and whatnot.
     There was one 'antagonist' in the conversation from southeastern Indiana who took a 'how dare you' attitude because most didn't agree with what she was saying. She then went on to offer her views on a business model and how things worked for her in spite of going against common logic.
     Turns out she wasn't the photographer she claimed to be.
     A few minutes of investigation uncovered the fact that photographs she posted on both her Facebook page and on her website claiming to be hers - were in fact stolen from the sites of other photographers.
     Both sites have since been taken down and the rightful owners alerted to the copyright infringement, but it does bring up an important point for consumers: make sure your photographer is who they say they are.
     Do they have an actual physical place where they work?
     Is their website an actual registered domain? (As in: as opposed to Same applies for the email address - no Yahoo or Gmail accounts.
     If their sample photographs are outdoor shots - do the locations look familiar? If not ask them where they were taken and try to go find it.
     Do all of the photographs on their site have the same 'feel'? It's hard to put a finger on that, but photographers who've been shooting very long will develop a 'style' that's recognizable from one shot to the next.
     In smaller towns you may recognize some of the photographer's subjects. If you do not ask that photographer about them. If they care about their work they'll likely be able to tell you why that photo was special enough to become part of their portfolio. And not just that it was a 'blast' to do the session.

The lovely lady above is Misty. A good friend who hosts a weekend radio show on Country 98.1, WRAY. And yes, we set fire to stuff later in the shoot.

To the left, Maggie. I have been making photographs of her since she was 16. She's been on my business card and is still on the home page of this website. It was an honor to shoot her wedding. Just wish there hadn't been a foot of snow on the ground - would have like to have done some outside shots as well.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) Internet copyright facebook fraud photographer quality real ripoff Wed, 23 Jan 2013 02:09:16 GMT
Russel's Bridal Boutique Special thanks to everyone at Russell's Bridal Boutique on the Princeton Square for inviting me to participate in their event this weekend. Those dresses are gorgeous - and a special thanks to the models for trudging through traffic and construction to my studio around the corner for a quick photo shoot:




[email protected] (Ingram Images) Disney Collection Russell's Bridal Boutique bridal portrait weddings Sun, 20 Jan 2013 15:50:47 GMT
Woman as Art I received an email back in the Spring from someone who said the a photo shoot was something that was on their 'bucket list.'
 Told me she was looking for something that was, feminine, artsy, and obscure.

Right up my alley.

I was inspired by several of the ideas that she sent me, so much so in fact that I've taken to calling some of my work, "Woman as Art." A rather bold statement, to be sure. Nonetheless inspiring to me.

She later told me that she was ending a marriage and that she hoped these photos would help her reconnect with her body and with her own strength as a woman.

She came to my studio this week, and here are some of the results.

Here's what she wrote me afterwards:  Thanks for your time today. I felt more comfortable then I could even imagine I would have felt. I had a great time and left feeling very empowered. It's been awhile since I've had that feeling. Thank you.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) The Right Light Woman as Art body study nude Sat, 20 Oct 2012 19:57:26 GMT
Busy Week It was a pretty busy week for this guy. Started out with a shoot for Cassie, who was amazing - love her profile: I also did several portraits for the folks at Onsite OHS, which is headquartered here in Princeton. Including CEO Kyle Johnson:

Then Saturday we finished up with the Blair family. Daughter Ryleigh seemed to take to the camera, quite well. Actually she hammed it up the whole time.


[email protected] (Ingram Images) Cassie children corporate portraiture Sun, 01 Jul 2012 04:52:17 GMT
Kaytlyn and Travis Here's a few 'sneak peak' photos made at Kaytlyn and Travis' wedding Friday evening...
Always awesome to be able to shoot people I consider friends on their happy day.

I've known Kaytlyn for about two years and did her pregnancy portraits before she had MJ.


[email protected] (Ingram Images) Kaytlyn The Right Light outdoor weddings Sun, 03 Jun 2012 08:38:48 GMT
Voigtlander Voigtlander This would be the most valued camera in my collection of antiques.

My grandfather carried it home from Europe at the end of World War 2. I don't know if he ever took any photos with it, but I suspect that he did. There was an old roll of Kodak in it that we found after he passed, buy nothing came out when I ran it through the dark room.

I also don't know how he came to own it. Just that it was in a drawer at Grandma and Grandpa's and I did get to see it once or twice. After Grandpa passed, it was given to me. Inside its leather carry case, which had a broken latch that he'd fixed with a screw from his workbench, were (and still are) the papers from his commanding officer authorizing him to carry "captured enemy material."

You can only imagine what might have passed through the lens.

I do know from research it was made in Germany, and likely in the late 1930's. And as a collector's item, it's worth about $375.

My grandfather, Arthur R. Sprinkle, grew up in the Lancaster, Illinois area; and as a farm boy, knew how to drive a truck, which wasn't that common in the early 1940's. The family rumor is that they asked for a show of hands at the end of basic training, looking for someone who knew how to drive.

Congratulations, Private Sprinkle, you're a member of the 496th Medical Collecting Company.

My grandfather was an ambulance driver. Not without danger, apparently. We do have a photo of him leaning against his ambulance, and there are bullet holes visible down the side. There's also a photo of Grandpa enjoying a little R&R in Paris. We're not sure he could remember any of that time.

We honor all veterans this weekend, and for me especially - my grandfather.

Special thanks to Kaytlyn for grabbing hold of the old camera during a recent shoot. I'm shooting her wedding this coming weekend, by the way.

[email protected] (Ingram Images) Kaytlyn antiques tribute weddings Sun, 27 May 2012 22:26:28 GMT
The Right Light Heard some discussion recently about showing people in "The Right Light."

There's as many ways to light a subject as there are people with cameras. Some are good, and some - not so much. I hope that the real photographers among us use the light in much the same way that a sculptor uses a hammer and chisel. Seeing as how photography is capturing a three dimensional scene and representing it in a two dimensional frame, a good photographer will use that light to give his subject definition and shape, to show the gentle line down the cheek to the chin, the texture of hair, and the beauty of shoulders and various other that make us what we are.

God created us as sculptures, at least in my opinion. Our own work of art that is uniquely us. Gotta say capturing this is what drives me in my portraiture. Yes I have to accommodate client requests, which I am more than happy to do, but given the chance to create on my own you'll see me turn to a simple background, with dramatic lighting meant to enhance and sculpt.

I have invested a considerable amount in lighting gear to this end, but there are times when you have to throw all that out and use what you have. I need to practice this more. There are several photographers around who's work I admire who simply manipulate the natural light around us to achieve the same goal. There's definitely so much more than just having someone lean against a tree or fence and praying that it turns out right.

One might ask how photographers learned to do what they do. I'll let you in on a secret. We look at a LOT of other photographer's work. We see something interesting and then try to figure out how it was done. We try to copy it. We try to twist it and make it 'our own'. We experiment with that twist. We also get our own photos critiqued by those we respect. If you look through my Facebook page, you'll see comments from a nationally-known photojournalist (who first mentored me when I was 16), and a respected art photographer, as well as several local shooters who I have great respect for. Oh and we might take a class or two.

In my humble opinion, at least, 'The Right Light' is as much something that you feel as it is something you see. You don't know exactly where it is, but you know when you're there. That was a lot of help, wasn't it? LOL....

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Why A couple of weeks ago I had to make an evening run to Saint Mary's. I was, unfortunately called to do an emergency photo shoot in the NICU. I volunteer with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

Little Kara was one of a set of twins and weighed just over a pound. And she was beautiful. The family posed with her for some 'traditional' shots, and then we created some moving images of her little hand wrapped around dad's pinky.

Those photos will never be in my portfolio. They belong to the family.

While I was there, grandfather asked me why I do this.

I told the family the answer was simple. I want my images to make a difference to someone. Yes, it's amazing when I can set stuff on fire, shoot into the sunset, and get a shot so sharp I can tell if you're wearing contact lenses. It's an honor when I post a photo and a couple of world-class photographers tell me 'good job', people I consider mentors and look up to. It's flattering when a dear friend who would know - calls me an artist.

But in the end, all I want is for what I do to matter; to be remembered; to be of value.

I think many photographers will tell you this, and this is why we will all say in unison, when it comes to weddings, seniors, babies - anything that matters, pick a photographer that can tell your story. If you have to go bargain basement, find a different area to be bargain hunting in. Find a photographer that does it because that's where his or her heart is. If his or her heart is in it, they will have learned their craft, can set their camera in the dark, can see the light.

Think anyone with a camera will do? Read this and then look at the images at the bottom

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Hey Look! I'd like to welcome everyone to the new website. I do believe the system I'm using now will allow me to be much more flexible in posting the latest work, and also to keep my proofing here, and not on another web site.

Hey it's soon gonna be senior picture time, and I'm gearing up to do some really cool stuff. I want my senior work to really show off who you are, and will go anywhere and everywhere to make that happen. If you can think it up, we can shoot it, and yes that includes setting stuff on fire. Call, text or email for more information.

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